"Kismet" - What is meant to be will find a way...

This explanation of ‘kismet” captures my business journey to date and reflects how Kismet & Co has evolved from a casual hobby into the business it is today.

It began with me, at home with a newborn, knitting in my down time. It grew to me knitting for friends and then friends of friends. From a hobby into a small side hustle…a small side hustle into a small business with two helpers when I couldn’t keep up any more…and now, a small business into a bigger small business with the help of an extended team of knitters in Peru.

We truly are, as my logo says, “knitted together”

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  • Kezia

    Owner, designer, chief knitter of all the pretty things.

  • Helen

    Knitter extraordinaire, pattern checker, one of my product photographers, and the source of many cool new ideas and inspiration.