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I have a huge love for anything handmade, and I count my lucky stars every day that this passion of mine can fuel a business. 

My designs are inspired by the patterns I see in the world around me. The lines flowing through the leaves of the plant on my bookshelf, the intricate detail in a honeycomb, that pattern formed by the waves in the sand at the beach - I see potential stitch patterns in all of them and in so many others like them!

All of our knitwear is designed here in New Zealand, by me. Kismet & Co prides itself in creating unique, long lasting pieces, made with high quality yarn and an attention to detail that satisfies the perfectionist in me!

All of my pieces are available for order in our “Custom Knit” section  (Please note: limited custom spots each month), and knitted by me. Because there is a limit to what I can produce (whilst also managing my other job and looking after my family), I am very proud to offer, alongside our custom pieces, a ready made line of my very own designs, hand knitted by a team of incredible artisans in Peru.